Do You Believe?

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What do you do when you have given everything you have, but the future still looks dark. That's the trouble with going to new places and doing new things. You never know how far you need to go or how long something takes. Root has been there and we can help show you the big [...]

Boomers and Xers Are So Last Year-Millennials Are Where It’s At

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Ahhh the Millennials… friends or foes? Does age really matter? It doesn't have to matter when we embrace our differences in the workplace. You can use those differences to your advantage. And you won't be sorry you did. Jim Haudan from Root® Inc. discusses this topic in his recent article Boomers and Xers Are So Last [...]

Cultivating Strategy Through Employees

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Since 1926, DuPont Pioneer has run its business based on a single guiding principle: the success of the business is based on their customers’ success. That belief has made the company a leading developer and supplier of plant genetics to farmers worldwide. When the company wanted to increase employee engagement with better clarity, alignment and [...]

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